Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's with Beaufort County !

I'm not one to believe in conspiracies, but it it is getting ridiculous what Beaufort County has been doing to the Roller family. Today I read that the county had a judge put a cease and hold on paving their parking lot. Hence Sea Trawlers restaurant cannot open, because they cannot get a Certificate of Occupancy until their parking lot is completed.

Apparently Mr. Roller paved a strip of land that has been in dispute with the county over ownership. Mr. Roller contends he owns the land where the Buckingham landing is and the county thinks they own it. The case will be heard in January and the judge has ruled that Mr. Roller cannot do any paving until that suit is settled.

Why keep him from finishing his parking lot? Why is the county fighting tooth and nail every step of the way on this project? The county planners are mad that Mr. Roller was able to build the restaurant, and have done everything they can to make him pay. If this is not a conspiracy then I don't know what is.

The county needs to be held accountable to their actions and conduct. We are the citizens of this county and the county government works for us, they are not supposed to work against us. The project was approved, and all the necessary permits, etc have been paid. So why is the county still charging up the hill to try and block this project?

I for one am looking forward to being able to take my boat over for lunch or diner. I personally think the restaurant will be a plus for the neighborhood. It is not going to undermine the prices of Buckingham Landing. When will people see that commercial and residential zoning mixed together are good for the overall neighborhood.

Call your County Representative and tell them you are opposed to this kind of abuse by county staff.
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Below is the article from the Island Packet
County order halts paving work at Sea Trawler Restaurant
By MICHAEL WELLES SHAPIROmshapiro@islandpacket.com843-706-8142
Published Wednesday, November 12, 2008
The chef at the future Sea Trawler Restaurant at Buckingham Landing said he's stopped trying to predict when the seafood restaurant along Mackays Creek will open. A series of delays and legal disputes with Beaufort County have made previous guesses that it would open in July of this year wrong.
"I play tennis on Hilton Head, and everybody's always asking me when's it going to open," Chef Stephen Carmines said Tuesday, standing outside the pagoda-shaped restaurant near the bridges to Hilton Head Island.
But with legal disputes between restaurant owner Wilbert Roller Jr. and Beaufort County still under way,
Carmines is not making any more statements about opening dates.
In the latest legal dustup, the county got a court order Oct. 29 to stop Roller from paving the Buckingham Landing Boat Landing. Roller paved an asphalt strip on the landing, the width of a car, while paving the parking lot.
The county and Roller both claim ownership of the boat landing. County codes enforcement officer Audra Antonacci said a circuit court judge ruled that paving had to stop until the court determines ownership. That hearing is scheduled for January.
Roller and the county also are suing over two other issues:
• Roller alleges he's been treated unfairly by the county's zoning office while trying to get his restaurant off the ground.
• The county is challenging Roller's right to build a 350-foot dock off his property into Mackays Creek.
Meanwhile, Carmines, the brother of Hudson's on the Docks Seafood restaurant owner Brian Carmines, said he's eager to start serving patrons and said the restaurant will be a boon to the area during a tough economy by creating jobs and increasing business for the local seafood industry.
As much as possible, Carmines said, "we're going to serve local shrimp, local oysters and local fish."
That eat-local approach combined with the restaurant's waterfront view could bring success even as many restaurants are struggling, said Anne-Marie Adams-Arrington, executive director of the Hilton Head Area Hospitality Association.
"Their location's going to be a big positive for them," she said.

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